Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Jump Rope for Heart! Friday 13th September

Jump Rope for Heart- This event is being organised by the Health Team for Friday 13th September.   The children will be involved with skipping activities for the afternoon.  The children will receive a sponsorship form in the next few days to set a Jump Rope Goal and to start collecting sponsorship.  Classes will be practising their skipping leading up to the event as well skipping being a focus for our school wide fitness programme in weeks 6 and 7.   It would be great to encourage the children to practise their skipping at home.  The whole whanau can even join in!  Money raised goes towards helping the Heart Foundation and skipping is a great way to keep active!    
We are also going to be encouraging the children to wear odd shoes on Friday 13th September to help raise awareness and money for Camp Quality (Kids with Cancer).  More details about this to follow.  
A special welcome to Eleanor Hill from Room 2 who joins the Health Team for this term.  Unfortunately we do not have any more spaces this year on our Health Team, but we look forward to working with those of you that missed out this year in 2014!


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